Wednesday, January 19, 2011

January 2011 snow fun

PLEASE NOTE: Beth did not write this post. I screwed up and put the post on her blog instead of mine. I'm going to try to put a link on my post so I don't have to do the darn thing over!

Since there has been alot of snow up on the rim since the first of the year and the boys have a three day weekend, we all decided we should go up to the high country and play in the snow. The weather cooperated with fairly mild temps for the middle of January.

Lots of snow on the north side of the cabin.


High flyin'!

Goin' really fast!

Even Dev hauled his sled up the hill!

They saw 5 deer in the yard and were able to get pretty close to them.
Haulin' snow to the front yard......

The boys were in a cooking mood. Logan was in charge of the hash browns. Not TOO many went down the burner.

Time for washing dishes and little Mr. Dev wanted to help!

A new Lego Buzz.

Logan is the organized one of the bunch and made an itinerary for the next morning:
7:30- wake up
8:00- start breakfast
8:30- eat breakfast
9:00- put snow clothes on and go outside
Everyones clothes were laid out with their names on, which made everyone stay on schedule. Logan made pancakes and I was in charge of the bacon. They were outside by 9:00 on Sunday.
This was the day that Logan mastered standing up on the sled, going down the hill and over the speed bump!

The deer came back to visit across the street and back over to our side yard.

Our friends, Pam and Steve, just happened to be in the neighborhood so they couldn't resist a little snow fun!

Dev did a "face plant" into the snow and got a scratched up cheek.
Time to cook again. Dil was scrubbing potats to bake and looked out the kitchen window to see...

the deer again having some supper in the back yard!

And here is Logan mushing up stuff for meat loaf! They all ate addition to lots of oatmeal cookies and "roof bare floats".
They were so busy having fun in the snow that they didn't take time to shoot their new BB guns. Maybe next time.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas 2010

Happy New Year 2011, Friends and Family! Here are some pictures of what we've been up to the last month!

Here are the Boys playing in the snow up by the cabin just before Christmas. The snow didn't last long so they had to hurry to build a snowman!

These are cakeballs! I probably made 50 dozen of the darn things the month of December! Many friends and coworkers put their orders in and I dipped and dipped and dipped away!

We made some special food to attract Santa's reindeer! It consisted of oatmeal, sprinkles, glitter, and popcorn kernels! The boys sprinkled it in the front yard so the reindeer could find us and of course have a snack while Santa was doing his duty!

We went on our annual Christmas light tour around the neighborhood Christmas Eve. This house we stopped at was amazing! The entire garage was set up with a village of miniature houses, actually an entire town. I can't imagine the work that was put into this. It was really awesome!

And while we were out looking at lights, Santa came! How come he comes while we are gone every year?

The boys were of course all smiles with Santa's loot!

One of the "hits" of Christmas presents were these Beyblades! All the boys love them and even Grandpa and Papa got a lesson on how to play them! For those of who are clueless as to what Beyblades are, they are little metal tops that have interchangeable parts. The boys use their own special strategy to build their Beyblade and then they battle in a plastic stadium. The last top spinning is the winner!

These giant candy canes Santa brought kept them busy for a couple days. I think even Toni got ahold of one at one point and enjoyed a few licks herself! Imagine that!

A couple days after Christmas, Arizona experienced some very cold weather. We are not used to multiple days of below 32 degrees at night! In fact, it got down to 22 degrees New Years Eve! It even snowed in the greater Phoenix area. We were not fortunate to actually see any of it but we were sure this funny looking cloud was a snow cloud!

And here we are bringing in the New Year with our neighbors! Usually we sit in the driveway and huddle around a nice warm fire. But this year it was a "No Burn Day" which means it's illegal to burn even wood outside in a firepit. So we had to celebrate inside and ended up having a few dart and pinball competitions! We sure love our neighbors!
That's all for now! Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Here's What We've Been Up To The Last Month...

It's been a busy month as usual! Here are a bunch of pictures from our goings on! (in no particular order because I messed up the upload!)

This was taken at the NASCAR race at PIR in November. We had lots of Redneck fun like always!

DVB turned 3 last week! This was his 2nd cake! Pictures of his 1st cake to follow!

DVB really wanted a "Buzz Quad" for his birthday! Since the Buzz Quad he had his eye on at Walmart was too small for him, Bobo and Grandpa bought him a bigger one with Buzz stickers to put on it! He loves to ride it up and down the side walk! Although it looks real, it is actually a 12v battery operated deal. It goes 5 mph which DVB has already mastered! It'll be fun to take it out to the desert next month when camping season gets rolling again!

He wore this hat for 3 days before his birthday! We really didn't have an official party for him, just a normal Friday night gathering with our neighbors! The poor 3rd child always gets the shaft!

He also really wanted a Buzz scooter but we couldn't find one. He was happy with the McQueen one his brothers did find for him!

This was DVB's first cake! Toni, aka Old Iron Guts, decided to make sure it tasted ok! Frickin dog! She ate about 8 cupcakes right after I brought it in the door!

Now we are backtracking to Thanksgiving! This is my new Vikings hat a friend had made for me! What a cool surprise and it really came in handy because camping in the desert in November was freezing! I know I'm a wimp!

Here are the cousins making a teeter totter out of a dead tree which later became firewood!

Here's a pretty sunrise on Thanksgiving morn!

DVB playing with nature!

Mr. Deputy made a stop at camp once again! And it was the same one who stopped us this spring. I was more than happy to welcome him into our compliant camp this time! I thanked him for the warnings he gave us earlier this year! His response, "I think I am giving out too many warnings!" I think his new name should be The Grinch!

Here's DJB geared up for a spin! He's such a nice, calm, slow, cautious rider! Just how I like it and very unlike his older brother! *sigh*

DVB is ready to go too! He likes to ride with Momma because Papa goes too fast! What a good little boy he is!

Check out this huge bone I found on one of our rides. I think it's a cow femur.
And now for some random pics...

GOB has the boys taking part in a family tradition he did as a little boy~nut cracking at Christmastime! The boys love it!

This was from my bday. LOB was so proud to have a cake for me! This was also the day the Vikings beat the Cardinals!

Mr Naughty Kitty tipped the Christmas tree over twice before he figured out it wasn't so great to have a tree land on himself!

This is just a goofy picture of a silly Bikinins/Sponge Bob fan!

This was DJB's thanksgiving turkey project for school. He told me what to buy for supplies and he dreamt up this creation himself! It was a "family" project so all rules were followed!

And the Goofball once again doing what he does best~being cute and goofy!
Our house is almost prepared for the most exciting holiday of the year! We just have some baking to do and a tad bit of shopping! Nissy, the elf, is back as he always appears after Thanksgiving. He's working hard at observing the monkeys and reporting back to Santa every night! So far his presence is working and the boy have been cooperating nicely!
That's it from 3Boysandabrewery until after Christmas, so here's to a Merry and Magical Christmas to your family from ours!